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LIV tec GmbH

The focus of LIV tec GmbH is on the development and the commercialization of positioning solutions for special appliances like Lone Worker Safety Call System, safety of employees and staff management at health care facilities or provision of dedicated information for visitors of museums, airports, fairs etc.

LIV means Localize, Inform and Visualize as an integrated positioning solution.
One important technology of our projects is Wi-Fi localization for effective indoor positioning. With our LIV Integration platform other technologies like GPS, Bluetooth or RFID are integrated and therefore combine user-specific demands for outdoor- and indoor positioning.

The projects’ planning and realization are operated together with our experienced partners. For the operation of the positioning solution we offer graduated service packages, from a standard maintenance up to a complete operation by our partner.

The basis for successful projects consists of our software solutions, our customers’ goal and our partners’ experience.



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