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LIV integrations platform

LIV integrations platform

With the LIV Integration solution partner enterprises are able to integrate different localization technologies like Wi-Fi, GPS, RFID, NFC, Barcode, sensors etc.  According to the request of the localization project Wi-Fi, Internet, GSM/UMTS and LTE are used to broadcast information.

As a result, for the first time objects or persons can be located and managed via a positioning solution as well in an outdoor as in an indoor area. For example it is possible to localize forklift trucks outdoors via GPS and in the hall via Wi-Fi, or to provide personal security on an entire airport complex or a large-scale exhibition-area.


Wi-Fi Integration platform

At the LIV Integration Server the positioning data of objects and persons (mobile devices, tags) are stored and transferred to a production- and illustration application via standardized interfaces. This provides the opportunity to connect interactively with a user-specific application via a data interface as XML. If necessary also static information as places of objects or persons can be passed via formats as XLS, CSV or in data banks like SQL.
The LIV Integration platform is administrated via a web frontend. The administrator can -irrespective of his place of location- administrate the platform over a secured access with user name, password and a secure connection.
A LIV Integration Server can be located at the customer of our partner, at our partner or at our secure data center. As well a combination for a backup scenario is possible. Apart from a hardware redundancy the management of the complete system can be taken over by our partner.

Localization technology

According to the requirements, the most ideal and economically appropriate localization technologies are chosen together with our partner and the customer. For positioning technologies as RFID, GPS, Wi-Fi or others there are analogously specific tags or apps for PCs, smartphones and tablets available.

Information report

The LIV integration platform transfers both via standardized and customer specific interfaces for the customer relevant incidents through web services, SMS, calls, text, HTML Get and Post and other formats.


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