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LIV distance measurement system (LIV DMS)

The LIV tec GmbH launches the new positioning system LIV distance measurement system (LIV DMS) to identify positions‘ information in particularly demanding surroundings.

The LIV distance measurement system (LIV DMS) came into existence at a customer’s challenge to localize floor-borne vehicles and wheeled loaders within a steady changing and by a sprinkler irrigation system supplied hall. Optical and RFID systems could not be considered in this connection, as the hall’s floor is often covered with loose metal materials and water, as a result of which the functionality could not be guaranteed. An alternative was the fingerprint method via Wi-Fi. However the signals of the access points were strongly influenced by the sprinkler irrigation system and their absorption as well as by the reflection of the construction material, so that the Wi-Fi positioning did not give the wanted result.  

A solution to these requests did not exist on the market of positioning technologies at present. Therefore the LIV tec GmbH developed together with the Fraunhofer IIS at Nuremberg LIV DMS.
The new radio positioning system is based on a signal runtime measuring. Therefore fix installed anchors give information to the LIV server, with which runtime the signal was replied from a tag. At the analysis by LIV integration the position is identified through the signals’ runtimes.

These in the application platform defined roles and events which are generated by specific occurrences operate automated processes and events at the customer.

As a result, LIV DMS is independent of spatial changes. Because of the IP-67 protected boxes it can be applied in demanding environments. In doing so, the system reaches an accuracy between 0,1 m and 2,0 m according to the stage of extension.


(Press Release of “RFID im Blick” of Jan. 14th 2015 – translated by LIV tec.)




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