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LIV Lone Worker Safety Call

LIV Lone Worker Safety Call System

Design through Wifi-Infrastructure

Our LIV solution uses a wifi infrastructure to localize a telephone and to communicate data (communication of the positioning information and speech).
The wifi-based end-device owns apart from a push button to switch off the alarm tone (pre-alert) and aonother button to deactivate a false alarm, additionally a button to release a manual alert. This enables the employee to ask for help in critical situations.

Through the integrated position- and movement-sensor the telephone takes the different parameters concerning the state of the employee.
If an employee carries a telephone on the body and he falls to the ground respectively he loses consciousness (incline of the telephone) or he is motionless (no-movement), then - after a pre-alert - an alarm will be sent automatically to the LIV-Server.

Individually, according the type of alert, the time of the day, or specifically to the place the LIV-Server can generate a call, an email, a short message or an alert via a website.



Please consider, that the LIV Lone Worker Safety Call System solution needs an area-wide, for positioning laid-out Wi-Fi infrastructure. A check of these qualities can be effected by blue networks through a wireless survey.

Furthermore there exists the possibility of an integration into an already existing telephone system. Therefor a voice communication to the alerting end device can be set up and emercency case information can be communicated.

As a synergy effect the function of the voice communication (voice over Wi-Fi) can be used for telephony inside the wi-fi infrastructure.




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